Q.Can I watch Free Movies on zeraTV?

A.YES! There are many free movies to watch on demand free at zeratv from our free movies library


Q.How do I differentiate between a paid Premium movie and a free movie

A.All movies are free except the ones with the PLUS icons on the top left corner.


Q.Do I need to Join/Register to watch free movies on ZeraTV?

A.No you do not need to join or register to enjoy free movies on ZeraTV


Q. How does ZeraTV work?

A. You can watch for free an unlimited amount of Nollywood and Ghallywood films marked as FREE streamed over the Internet to your computer, smartphones and tablets and also connect this to your TV. With ZeraTV, you have access to thousands of Films, which are available for free. All Movies available for free on zeraTV have in stream advertisements at regular intervals.


Q. How does ZeraTV Premium work?

A. We offer Unlimited Number of Nollywood, Ghallywood and African Films across the entire ZeraTV and ZeraTV Premium Package for only $3.00 a month; our best Package is for less than $2 a month. Watch unlimited Nollywood, Ghallywood and African Films, films are streamed over the Internet to your computer, smartphone and tablets. You can also connect this to your TV. All Movies listed on our Premium Movies Library are shown with NO in stream Advertisements a few will have ads at the end of the movie.


Q. How much does ZeraTV Premium cost?

A. For $3.00 a month, you get unlimited Nollywood, Ghallywood and other African Films instantly over the Internet to your computer, smartphone, tablet and you can also connect to your TV. You can pause, rewind, fast forward or watch again as often as you like. It’s really that easy!


Q.What are the payment plans?

A.ZeraTV Premium Membership Plans are for 1, 3, 6, and 12 monthly Packages. The 12 monthly Diamond Package is the most cost effective plan with the prices as low as $2 monthly. Because we understand your schedules and bills, we have made it so simple. As a premium member you can choose to become a member with the most convenient membership package of your choice, Our payment portal is fully secured and powered by PayPal .


Q. Are my credit card and payment details safe?

A. We do not have access to your credit card or keep your card details this are all encrypted and secured by PayPal during your payment process, all payments are actually done via secured PayPal shopping cart and on the PayPal website, when payment is complete members are re-directed back to our website. We do not debit your account without your consent.


Q. Can I watch movies instantly on my smartphone or tablet?

A. You can Login to your zeratv.com account and you can watch our movies on your iPad or iPhone, as well as your Android or Windows phone or tablet.


Q. Can I also watch any film instantly on any computer?

A. Yes. Simply press Play on any film to watch it instantly online on your internet-connected PC or Mac.


Q. Will the Films play instantly?

A. Yes Most films start playing in seconds. The speed at which films start playing will depend on the speed of your broadband Internet connection. Films are streamed over the Internet on demand, so you don’t have to wait for them to download. You can pause, rewind or fast forward as often as you like.


Q. How fast does my broadband internet connection need to be to watch instantly?

A. Our Movies can be watched instantly with different levels of broadband internet connection, however, we recommend a minimum speed of 500 kbps (0.5 MB).


Q. Where or what countries can I watch films on ZeraTV?

A. Zeratv.com is available worldwide. Our films can be seen and watched anywhere in the world that there is an internet connection.


Q.What player or browser can I use to watch movies on ZeraTV?

A. All movies on zeraTV play on all devices such as on your phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, smart TV. It plays on ALL browsers though we recommend Google Chrome for optimum viewing.


Q. Can I cancel my ZeraTV Premium membership?

A. Yes If you enjoy watching ZeraTV and ZeraTV Premium, You don’t have to do anything your membership will automatically continue for as long as you choose to remain a member. ZeraTV Premium Membership Plans start at a month-to-month subscription that begins at your subscription date, you can also choose our 3, 6 or 12 monthly packages for discounted rates. See our Terms of Use for complete membership details. You can easily cancel at any time, online, 24 hours a day. There are no cancellation fees, although there are no refunds for partial months.


Q. Can I Cancel My membership account at any time?

A. Yes You can easily cancel at any time, just send an email to support@zeratv.com, with cancellation in the subject line and your username and email in the email body and we will cancel your membership. Or, if you used PayPal to subscribe, you can cancel via www.paypal.com. There are no cancellation fees, although there are no refunds for partial months.


Q.How do I search for movie?

A. Searching for movies are easy. All you have to do is Look out for the search button on the right sidebar and type the name of the movie. You can also use the name of an artiste or actors name to search for a movie, all movies that the actor has acted in will be displayed.




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